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I feel like horror fan are like metal fans in that they’re kind of few and far between but the people who do like it are SO PASSIONATE to make up for their niche population and organize it all into semantic subgenres to fight about that don’t matter to the rest of the world.


Stick-Gods ~ Feeding Habits

Colonel: Snake..I know you retired, but we need you for one last mission.
Snake: Colonel... you know I walked away after Zanzibar--
Colonel: Snake, this is something only YOU can do. We're out of options, this country -- no the world needs you.
Snake: ...Hrng. What is it--
Colonel: Snake, I need you infiltrate Shadow Moses and delete Liquid's Reddit account. He keeps posting these shitty memes and


 Bianca Luini :Where I See Fashion

There are those who search at length for inspiration, be it for a writing piece, sculpture, or fashion, but then there are artists who look no further than what is right in front of them, finding beauty in everyday objects, colours, and shapes. This week we are highlighting the wonderful blog WISP –– Where I See Fashion by Bianca Luini for her wonderful imagery and abstract view of clothing. The blog curator showcases clothing alongside art pieces with corresponding elements of colour, shape, and layout, with even a single image triggering the creative process for designers, which develops into a whole line of clothing or textile designs.


me boutta prove a fuckboy wrong


me boutta prove a fuckboy wrong


when my kids ask where babies come from im just gonna show them this gif



I love living in a world where gross monsters in jars are readily available and affordable.


I love living in a world where gross monsters in jars are readily available and affordable.







I kinda felt i needed to do this after reading the tags and comments on my art.


basically Javik hater logic in a nutshell.

mental illness is an explanation for behavior not an excuse

mental illness is an explanation for behavior not an excuse

mental illness is an explanation for behavior not an excuse

Mental illness is an explanation, not an excuse.

But holding it against someone that is going through mental illness, who just went through such a hideously traumatic event that literally causes his suicide in some outcomes, who can’t relate to anyone and no one can’t relate to him, because they don’t put on a big smile and act all chummy as if nothing happened, is ableism.

It’s not as if Javik’s going on unrestrained murderous rampages. He’s just grumpy and irritable. Which makes sense, because Liara was treating him more like a science project instead of a victim who desperately needed some space.

Except he’s a little more than just grumpy. He’s an out-and-out asshole.

no, he’s just irritable and grouchy, which makes sense because he hasn’t had time to mourn and again, just went through something hideously traumatic.

It’s Liara who councils Shepard to be careful when Javik first comes out of the pod, because she knows it’s only been a few minutes in his mind and he’s confused.

and yet Liara is the one who constantly dogs him and keeps asking him the same questions and not giving him space. She’s the one holding it out against him just because reality did not match up to her fantasies.

His response? “I’m surrounded by primitives.”

That has nothing to do with Javik, that has to do with the culture he’s from. If he comes from a racist and imperialistic society, obviously he’s going to start off as racist and imperialistic. But given the chance, he does grow as a character and move past it

BBesides, Garrus and Wrex show pretty damn nasty racist behavior in the first game. Hell, Wrex threatens to murder salarians for fun within ME3 itself, and Wrex grew up with an integrated galactic community. He was off Tuchanka for centuries and had plenty of time to get to know and understand other species. Javik did not. All he knows is that 50,000 years ago humans were still thousands of years from developing agriculture, writing, and any sign of advanced society. They had just barely started to make art.

It’s Liara who asks Shepard to make the humans stand down when they’re “assuming hostility” and keeping Javik under armed guard.

Just because she isn’t a complete jerk to him doesn’t change the fact that she still treats him like a science project. She just doesn’t assume he’s hostile at first. Hell, if anything it’s her not understanding that protheans weren’t the peaceful buddhas she thinks they were.

I’m not saying Javik wasn’t out of line, because he was, but to try to entirely blame him and hate him for reacting REALISTICALLY given his background and situation is entirely unfair.

He then proceeds to invade Shepard’s personal space without permission for a second time, berate them for not preparing for the Reapers, and declaring all communication in this time as primitive because they couldn’t decipher the message of a broken beacon that nearly killed them in the first game.


His entire species just (to him) died, and he just found out that even their efforts to warn the next species, were futile. Of course he would be completely devastated.

As for the invading personal space thing, that’s how his species communicates. Getting angry for him doing that, especially when he’s not really used to humans and human customs, is anthropocentric.

(hell, the concept of personal space doesn’t even apply to ALL human cultures, just western ones)

Yes our method of communication is still pretty damn primitive compared to what protheans had (very advanced biotechnology). This isn’t a matter of fucking opinion, it’s outright said by many characters that prothean technology was overall much more advanced than that of the current cycle’s/

Besides, once Shepard does call him out on it, he DOES back off. 

It’s important to recognize that on a meta level, Liara’s mention of her research into the Protheans sets the stage next for the player (not Shepard) to ask Javik questions. Javik’s response, however, is simply sarcastic and mean: “The asari have finally mastered writing.”


What do you expect him to do? Put on a big giant smile and behave like Mister fucking Rogers? I don’t think so.

"Yeah I just saw my entire species be wiped out while I was helplessly kept alive, am currently subjected to a fate worse than death, am being gawked at, realizing I literally have no future, even my species attempts to warn the future cycle have not worked out, and for the last few hours have had guns pointed at my face. I FEEL SO FUCKING EAGER TO TEACH PEOPLE ABOUT MY SPECIES LET ME WEAR THIS HUGE GRIN AND BE FRIENDLY!”

Really? you’re mad at a character because they are teetering on the edge of complete mental breakdown and suicide and had guns pointed at his face and expect him to behave like a pal? I don’t fucking think so.

It’s also important to remember that Javik tells Shepard quite plainly that the Protheans were an imperialistic race. They conquered other races, assimilated those who accepted their rule and enslaved or destroyed those that didn’t. He even says that, had the Prothean plan to save more of their soldiers worked, they would have used the same tactics to “unite” the races of this cycle against the Reapers.

Again, Javik is racist. But so is practically every fucking character in this series; Wrex, Garrus, Grunt, Tali, Mordin, etc. Fuck, Mordin outright calls Vorcha vermin, despite the fact that there’s evidence that Vorcha are just as intelligent as any other species (see: Void Devils). And if anybody should know better, it’s Mordin.

Javik is a product of his place, time, and culture. Hell, considering he lived so late in the war it’s possible that his impression of his own species’ superiority might be at least partially born out of propaganda for an attempt to keep up morale in one of the worst situations imaginable. Holding that against him is completely ridiculous and unfair.

if Javik clung onto his imperialistic perceptions throughout the game, without letting them go, I would understand the disdain towards him in this area. But he doesn’t. Given the chance, Javik actually does learn and grow and let’s go of his racist ideas. Fuck, Javik’s writer actually outright said that he entirely intended Javik’s interaction with Liara to be painted as romantic. If you hold Liara down after Thessia, it’s heavily implied that he develops feelings for her and quits calling her “asari.” In the Citadel DLC, intended to be played near the end of the game, he’s much more laid back and friendly. Javik just needs some space to mourn, learn, and grow. Which is actually fucking realistic.

I also figure he was much more friendly and laid back before he oh yeah, was forced to murder his loved ones and watch them bleed to death.

Honestly, Javik is going through such a horrifying and unique situation that NO ONE has the right to say whether his behavior is or isn’t appropriate. I think it’s only strong mental will and fortitude, because in his shoes I KNOW I would have either blasted my brains out immediately or gone on a mad murderous rampage. It’s actually incredible enough that he’s not completely broken. Hell, Tali fucking does it, and Tali is someone who decided to go after geth during her pilgrimage.

Again, what he’s going through the narrative paints as a worse fate than death. 

He is culture shocked, to be sure, but it only makes him condescending. He clearly considers himself above everyone around him (i.e. re: salarians: “they used to eat flies”).

Yeah because Garrus doesn’t do that in ME1. Garrus, who actually doesn’t have culture shock or cultural isolation to blame for his xenophobia.

hell, even a paragon Shepard hurls a racial slur at a hanar in ME3. You are unfairly judging Javik for his racism, when at least he has the background and excuse of his history. Every other actually racist character doesn’t.

Javik isn’t just rude to Liara either (who he effectively shames for talking too much and being uppity, when really for all she knows he’s the key to figuring how how to complete the Crucible and stop the Reapers).

He shames her for being fucking ANNOYING and PESTERING HIM when what he fucking needs is some god damn space TO MOURN THE PEOPLE HE JUST COMPLETELY FUCKING LOST.

Actually, Javik doesn’t need space. He needs centuries of intensive therapy. And Liara couldn’t even recognize that and realize that the poor guy is a fucking victim and really needs to be left alone and not pestered about the Crucible when he already ANSWERED that he doesn’t know shit about it.

What Liara was doing was making his (obviously going to be there) likely mind-crippling by itself survivor’s guilt worse by being visibly disappoitned he wasn’t what SHE wanted.

"You were a prothean, you were supposed to have all the answers!" That was probably one of the fucking worst and most horrible things to tell Javik. Liara literally believed Javik somehow OWES her answers, that he was some sort of fairy godmother that would somehow solve all her problems, and then she behaves like a jerk to him when he obviously can’t fulfill her insane expectations.

He’s rude to Tali as well: he laments that no one can see how attractive quarians are in this cycle because they have to wear helmets. Really? The quarians have been at war with the geth for centuries, have seen their numbers dwindle and their home world taken from them, and he’s most concerned that he can’t ogle some fine quarian ass?

If that’s how you choose to interpret it. Honestly it looks more like you’re pulling straws out of your ass.

It’s clear from the citadel dlc that teasing in such ways is Javik’s awfully misguided attempt to be friendly. It’s extremely socially awkward of him and probably doesn’t translate well into the current cycle’s culture. But it is an attempt to be friendly nonetheless. As someone with asperger’s I can relate to coming across as accidentally offensive when trying to be friendly.

Plus, it’s also very heavily implied that to protheans, there is a very heavy cultural importance on eyes, and seeing a person’s eyes. They don’t wear helmets, Javik brings up losing eyes as a humiliation, he says a few other things too, and in the Citadel offhand states that female protheans could do foreplay just with eye contact alone. He later brings up that it’s hard to trust quarians when they wear masks. It’s likely that given prothean’s cultural importance on being able to see someone’s eyes, he just found the whole thing extremely creepy.

Not to mention that the Metacon war literally started because of a species that grew overly dependent on the AI in their suits.

Again, Javik is racist and culturally insensitive and VERY socially awkward, but that’s because he comes from a completely alien society to ours. But again, he GROWS from that.

Then, if you take him onto Thessia, his god complex really starts to show itself. The asari were judged to have potential (but, he laments, it’s a pity they didn’t live up to it). They were a weak little species and the Protheans took pity on them, gave them language and protection and food, raised them up so they could become the Protheans of their age. Guess what, if you come from a race of dictators, you don’t get to bitch and moan when your intended protégés don’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped they would.

God potential? Javik was just stating the fucking truth while Liara plugged her fingers in her ears and kept calling him a fucking liar.

Keep in mind what Javik says the punishment for traitors tends to be. To protheans, calling someone a liar is probably one of the absolute worst insults you can give them. I’m surprised he didn’t kill her in anger, but again, Javik has an absolutely godly mental fortitude. The only thing he managed was grit his teeth and be somewhat snarky. Again, because Liara was calling him a LIAR and holding it against him for not being what SHE wanted him to be.

Again, she outright says this “You were supposed to have all the answers”

Javik wasn’t SUPPOSED to do anything but avenge his species. It’s Liara who filled her own head up with ideas and fantasies and instead of going “well, disappointing but my bad” she tries to assault Javik over it. For not living up to what SHE wanted him to be

In his shoes, I probably wouldn’t be prothy the friendly prothean either.

Yeah Javik was condescending towards the asari species as a whole, but at the time asari were so primitive they couldn’t even fucking count and had to have their asses saved from the Oravores. Who wouldn’t be condescending in that situation? It has shit to do with a “god complex.” I don’t think the protheans were really trying to fool the asari into believing they were gods, it was just how a very primitive species tried to make sense of their changing world and of aliens. Hell, in humans religion was born out of trying to understand how the natural world worked. It’s likely that the asari just came to the “oooooh gods” conclusion on their own.

Again, without the protheans, the asari would have been dead thanks to the Oravores.

And the potential Javik was talking about was the potential to take their technology and be actually useful against the Reapers instead of burying it under a fucking rock and wasting their time peacekeeping instead of trying to develop better technology and a better army. It isn’t even unique to Javik, Matriarch Aethyta is the first person to point this out as early as ME2 and how she was kicked off Thessia for it. It doesn’t help that the asari were basically hoarding prothean technology for their own gain, while at the same time making the same actions illegal for other species to do. Even Liara understood what a dick move that was.

Does he maybe give Liara a little time to fathom that the Protheans were behind her race’s early success, and not the Goddess Athame? Does he give Liara a break when she’s going through a paradigm-shifting revelation about her own history? No. He throws it in her face and gloats over it like a spoiled child.

It’s fucking hilarious how you insist on how Javik had no right to be an asshole when literally no one gave him any space when he just went through something a billion times worse than what Liara went through on Thessia, and yet when Javik returns the favor to Liara, no, now he’s the “spoiled child.”

The double standards you’re pulling out of this are incredible.

A spoiled child? Like what? Liara, who sees a person on the edge of a complete mental breakdown because he just lost his entire species, and takes the chance to interrogate him and treat him like her long lost science project?

Actually let me turn this around on you

Does Liara maybe give Javik a little time to fathom that his species is completely gone and everyone and everything he has ever loved is dead and dust on a ground? Does she give Javik a break when it’s clear he needs his space and time to mourn? No. She insists on annoying him, she throws it in his face that he isn’t what SHE wanted him to be as if it were his fault, and calls him a liar when he tells her what she doesn’t want to hear, and almost assaults him over it like a spoilt child.

oops, there it is. 

What Javik goes through is far, far, far more of a horrifying fate than Liara goes through on Thessia. As mentioned previously, it literally can cause his suicide. And yet to you, Javik somehow isn’t worthy or doesn’t deserve being given “a break” or “time” but Liara does.

Javik wasn’t given time or space by Liara because according to her, the Crucible and the war was more important than his feelings. Obviously Javik is going to react to her angst the same way Liara reacted to his. Why would he suddenly be merciful?

besides, Javik came from the end from the Reaper war where bodies were in the count of entire planets. If you take him to Sanctuary he outright says that it was nothing compared to what he saw in his war. To him, Liara is overreacting, and the Reapers do not grant mercy to give “breaks” or “time” to process revelations or the loss of one planet. To him, one planet doesn’t mean shit. It doesn’t mean shit when his entire species is gone.

Back on the ship afterwards, he tells both her and Shepard what they need to hear to get out of his face and leave him alone.

Complete bullshit.

Javik does see potential in Liara, and a lot of his “get over it” nudging is because, in his mind, he wants to bring that out and that’s how he believes is how to do it. The Mass Effect android app proves it in a comment about her. He would behave completely differently if he genuinely didn’t care.

The fact that he actually takes his time to comfort Liara after Sanctuary proves it.

The fact that given the choice, he’d rather write a book with Liara than become a literal king, proves it. (So much for god complex huh)

The fact that Tali can actually tell Javik cares about her and talks to him about it (drunk or otherwise) proves otherwise.

The fact that Javik’s writer came out and SAID that he intended Javik’s interaction with Liara to be seen as romantic, proves it.

The Citadel DLC proves it.

Javik likely says that because he doesn’t want other people to KNOW he’s emotionally attached. Hell, he may be in denial about being emotionally attached himself. Remember, he just went through the absolute worst loss a person could ever suffer through. And even if that wasn’t the case, the last people he got emotionally attached to he was forced to murder and watch die. Not to mention that Javik is absolutely paranoid about indoctrination to the point that he refuses to eat around other people because he’s afraid of being poisoned. Comment about the fish? Totally hilarious until you realize WHY he’s that way. He doesn’t want to show any weakness in case someone tries to use it against him. 

It’s not ableism to expect Javik to be something other than a complete asshat to people he’s working with to save all organic life. What’s ridiculous is the fact that Liara catches flak for trying to learn about the species and the device that might save them all, but Javik catches absolutely none for being consistently jerkish to everyone he meets.

No, it is ableism, because you’re holding it against a character that reacts in a way that is realistic for his trauma. That you believe he had no right to want people to leave him alone when he behaves snarky to other people. That he doesn’t immediately adapt to seeing species that last he knew were still eating flies being scientists. That he doesn’t immediately let go of the culture he grew up with.

And not only is it ableism, it’s a complete misunderstanding of a character. Javik’s character is extremely well written, he is realistic and three-dimensional and interesting in his motivations and fears and faults. His relationship with Liara dynamic and full of misunderstandings and mishaps and both characters royally fucking up and growing together and learning from each other.

The fact that you and so many people reduce such a complex character to a one-dimensional asshole simply because he reacts realistically to his trauma and situation, and take one of the most interesting relationships in the series to blame absolutely everything entirely on Javik is really just a tragedy. It’s not only a tragedy to Javik, but also to Liara by implying that she was never anywhere near at fault and thus has no flaws whatsoever.

Speaking of, don’t try to think I hate Liara. The way she reacts to Javik actually made me LIKE Liara more as a character, because I felt as if Liara didn’t have enough realistic character flaws, or the ones she did have in ME1 had been erased by ME2. She becomes so much more complex in her relationship with Javik in my view because of the complete mishandling of the situation, it reminded me more of her footinmouth dorky scientist self, and the fact that you try to erase that to pretend that Liara did absolutely no wrong is completely baffling to me.





This is so cool! But what country are they from? “Africa” is really vague.

Their names are Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin, and Bello Eniola and they’re from Lagos, Nigeria. There’s a neat video about them here.

#when will people start giving names to young non-white scientists??#bc that shit is getting old

boost the fuck out of this, and make sure you include their goddamn names and country of origin.





This is so cool! But what country are they from? “Africa” is really vague.

Their names are Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin, and Bello Eniola and they’re from Lagos, Nigeria. There’s a neat video about them here.

boost the fuck out of this, and make sure you include their goddamn names and country of origin.